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"Magical Me"
Gilderoy Lockhart

" Quidditch through the ages "
Kennilworthy Whisp

" Fantastical Beast & Where To Find Them "
Newts A.  F. L. Scamander

"The Cry of a Banshee "
Henry Waterfall

"A werwoulfs life"
Remus Lupin

" 16 years at the Dursley`s - I learned to hate them "
Harry Potter

" He has been a muggel "
Mathilda McDowell

" The Dark Arts " 
Severus Snape

" The history of herbology "
James Butterfly

" Houseelfs - slaves of wizards"
Hermione Granger

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Macical Me

Quidditch through the ages

Fantastical Beasts & Where To Find Them

The cry of a banshee

A werwoulfs life

16 years at the Dursley`s - I learned to hate them

He has been a muggel

The Dark Arts

The history of herbology

Houseelfs - slaves of wizards



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