The sorting:

Answering the following question you become a student at Hogwarts. Klick at the number of your  answer and you will sent me a e-mail. In a few days you can see your name and your house in the student list.

After you have sent me yor mail you can start getting points.

(If you don`t get points you can`t get in the next class.)

Great Hall          startsite


Your teacher want to punish you for something, but he do not know that it was not you who had made this. How do you react ?

(1) Your would insult him with every bad word that comes to your mind.

(2) You would not argue and take the punishment.

(3) You would take the punishment although your know who it has been in reality

(4) You would repeating stubbornly that you are innocent.

(5) You would say nothing and you would talk to the teacher about your innocence after the lesson.

(6) You would say nothing and after the lesson you talk to the one who really had don it and you both chare the punishment in the end.

(7) You would tell him who has been it in reality.

(8) You would be quiet but after the lesson you would talk with your friends about the teacher in a bad way.

Don`t forget to write your student name in the e-mail.

(1)  (2)  (3)  (4)  (5)  (6)  (7)  (8)

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